The following arguments are used with any commands that imply access to the account private key:

passwordThe password to an account. If the password is not set, then it will be requested during an execution of the command.

The following arguments are used with any commands that imply creating and sending a transaction(s):

awaitInstucts exection to wait until transaction is placed into a block or confirmed by the network. Possible values: placing, confirmation

Argument value types:

ACCOUNTAccount public address; e.g., 0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754
PASSWORDText string of any no. chars and longer than 1 char
UNTUNT tokens in form of float point number; e.g., 12.0456
PRIVATEKEYHexadecimal text string of account private key; e.g., 0x949d6fe0c479f8a152bb83935cd01d633540517e84f36f4c45fa17d3db3e4561
IPIP Address; e.g.,
PORTTCP Port number; e.g., 3080
URLA text string that meets URL specifications; e.g., htttp://
PATHA text string of the local file system path in its native format; e.g., C:\Users\file.txt
AUTHORA lowercase text string where only [a...z] and [0...9] symbols are allowed and that complies with title-to-name mapping rules; e.g., 'ultranetorg'
PRODUCTA lowercase text string where only [a..z] and [0..9] symbols are allowed and that complies with title-to-name mapping rules; e.g., 'calculator'
PRODUCT_ADDRESSFull product locator in form of AUTHRO/PRODUCT form; e.g., 'company/application'
TITLEAn arbitrary text string longer than 1 char; e.g., 'Ultranet Org.'
INTEGERInteger number; e.g., '82'


The "account new" command is used to create a new account.

account new


The "account import privatekey" command imports a new account using the provided private key.

account import privatekey=PRIVATEKEY


account import privatekey=0xf5eb914b0cdf95fb3df9bcf7e3686cb16d351edf772e577dd6658f841f51b848


account overview address=ACCOUNT
addressPublic address of an account to get information about


account overview address=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754


The "membership declare" command is used to declare a specified account as a potential member of block generators.

membership declare candidate=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD] bail=UNT ip=IP
candidateUltranet account public address that the candidate is going to use to sign its blocks.
bailThe amount of ETH to be used as bail. The bail will be subtracted from the account balance and locked. A candidate can change its bail by sending a subsequent "candidacy declare" command with a bigger or smaller bail amount, or zero to cancel its declaration and re-deposit the last locked bail
ipIP address of candidate's node server


membership declare candidate=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb bail=1.000 ip=


The "emit" command is used to convert ETH tokens in the Ethereum network to UNT tokens in the Ultranet network. The final amount of UNT depends on the current Emission Factor.

unt emit from{wallet=PATH [password=PASSWORD] | key=PRIVATEKEY} amount=UNT to{account=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD]}
from{...walletEthereum .json wallet file of account funds are debited from
passwordA wallet password for wallet file above
keyEthereum private key where funds are debited from
amountAmount of ETH to be converted into UNT
to{...accountUltranet account public address to which funds are credited using the current UNT Emission Factor ratio

Examples, using JSON wallet file and password:

unt emit from{wallet=C:\aaaabbbbccccddddd111122223333.json password=thesuccessoroftheweb} amount=1000 to{account=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb}

using private key:

unt emit from{key=0x72601003d935ae2c79842f4aca38d73de388fcf1acffd98df129948b60b5d299} amount=1000 to{account=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb}


The "transfer" command is used to send UNT tokens form one account to another.

unt transfer from=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD] to=ACCOUNT amount=UNT
fromAccount that public address funds are debited from
toAccount public address that funds are credited to
amountAmount of UNT to be transferred


unt transfer from=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb to=0x1111dae119f210c94b4cf99385841fea988fcfca amount=1.000


Author names shorter than 5 chars are distributed via auction. Once the first bid is confirmed, an auction is considered to have started and lasts for 1 year. Users can use the "author bid" command to make their own bid on the chosen author:

author bid by=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD] name=AUTHOR amount=UNT
byAccount public address that makes a bid and will own an author if successful.
nameAuthor name to bid on
amountAmount of bid in UNT


author bid by=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb name=abc amount=1.000


author register by=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD] name=AUTHOR title=TITLE years=INTEGER
byAccount public address that owns or is going to register an author
nameAuthor name to be registered
titleAuthor's title that must comply with title-to-name mapping rules
yearsNumber of years in [1 .. 255] range


author register by=0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754 password=thesuccessoroftheweb name=companyinc title='Company Inc.' years=5


author transfer from=ACCOUNT [password=PASSWORD] name=AUTHOR to=ACCOUNT
fromAccount public address that owns an author to transfer
nameAuthor name to transfer
toAccount public address of a new owner


author transfer from=0x1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 password=thesuccessoroftheweb name=companyinc to=0x2222222222222222222222222222222222222222


author overview name=AUTHOR
nameAuthor name to get information about


author overview name=companyinc