The following arguments are used with any commands that imply creating and sending a transactions:

byTransaction signing account address in form of UAA, see below
awaitInstucts exection to wait until transaction is placed into a block or confirmed by the network. Possible values: accepted, placed, failedornotfound, confirmed

Argument value types:

IP IP Address12.34.56.78
INT Positive integer number324552
PASSWORD Text string of any no. chars and longer than 1 charMyStrongSecret!@#$%^&*()
PATH A text string of the local file system path in its native format C:\Users\file.txt
PORT Port number3800
PRIVATEKEY Hexadecimal text string of account private key949d6fe0c479f8a152bb83935cd01d633540517e84f36f4c45fa17d3db3e4561
TITLE An arbitrary text string longer than 1 charUltranet Org
UAA Account address, in hexadecimal form prepended with '0x'0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754
UDA Domain address, a text of [a...z],[0...9] and "_"
UNT UNT tokens in form of float point number12.0456
URA Full resource address in form of "ura:zone:domain/resource" formcompany/application (short form)
URL A text string that meets URL specificationshtttp://
URDA Root domain address 'ultranet123'
USDA Subdoman only domain
YEARS Integer number5
ZONE Zone nameTestzone, Mainzone, Localzone, Devzone