The following arguments are used with any commands that imply creating and sending a transaction(s):

byTransaction signing account; e.g., 0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754
awaitInstucts exection to wait until transaction is placed into a block or confirmed by the network. Possible values: accepted, placed, failedornotfound, confirmed

Argument value types:

ACCOUNTAccount public address; e.g., 0x0000fffb3f90771533b1739480987cee9f08d754
AUTHORA lowercase text string where only [a...z],[0...9] and "_" symbols are allowed; e.g., 'ultranet123'
IPIP Address; e.g.,
PASSWORDText string of any no. chars and longer than 1 char
PATHA text string of the local file system path in its native format; e.g., C:\Users\file.txt
PORTTCP Port number; e.g., 3080
PRIVATEKEYHexadecimal text string of account private key; e.g., 0x949d6fe0c479f8a152bb83935cd01d633540517e84f36f4c45fa17d3db3e4561
RESOURCEA lowercase text string where only [a..z] and [0..9] symbols are allowed and that complies with title-to-name mapping rules; e.g., 'calculator'
RESOURCE_ADDRESSFull resource locator in form of "author.resource" form; e.g., 'company.application'
TITLEAn arbitrary text string longer than 1 char; e.g., 'Ultranet Org.'
UNTUNT tokens in form of float point number; e.g., 12.0456
URLA text string that meets URL specifications; e.g., htttp://
YEARSInteger number; e.g., '82'
ZONEZone name; e.g., Testzone1, Mainzone, Localzone>